Worship Sheet for Sunday 3 May – The Good Shepherd
A reminder that God cares for us – whether we are free to roam or penned in! Things have become increasingly tough and the effects of the virus are nearer home. We need to remember the Lord is with us. Call Lord God, as your Son is the one who calls us into the fold,
welcome us, receive our stumbling and our fears, receive our responses and our worship.
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Pray Lord, sometimes sheep get a name for being stupid, but two things that can be said for them – they are single minded about looking for food and they are sensitive to aggressors and will run away from danger. Today’s passage isn’t about furry lambs but about the Good Shepherd caring for his flock, looking out for their best interests even at risk to life and limb. Remind us that in all the ups and downs you are with us – Jesus is there to lead us – when the pasture and life is good AND through deep darkness, even the valley of the shadow of death. Lord, it is so easy to become disheartened esp. when things are tough, when we are alone or where we can’t see an end to the crisis. Accept us with our worries, faults and failings, forgive what needs to be forgiven and encourage us to hold fast to Jesus and to draw comfort from him as well as from the prayers and the togetherness in the faith that we share with all who love you but particularly those who are so dear to us but who need to remain at a distance. Accept our
worship and hear us as pray the Lord’s Prayer: Our Father .... Amen.
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John Chapter 10:1-10. The Good Shepherd.
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Thought:- Being a shepherd in Jesus’ day was no easy task. It was a tough job, socially distant even dangerous – with thieves and wild animals among the threats. Sheep were put in pens for their safety, but they couldn’t remain there indefinitely as the pasture would be limited. They had to be allowed out as we are for food, for exercise. The Shepherd still kept an eye on them. We’ve become accustomed to being independent and many regard being “looked after” as something for children or the very elderly. The current crisis has reminded us that, potentially, all of us need care and we ought to be rightly grateful to the millions who are putting themselves about, to care for any of us who need it. Hats off not just to the NHS but lots of others too! I wonder if that sense of dependency and interaction will remain with us when the crisis lifts. Human beings were made to interact, to help one another, to care, to love one another. None of us is an island to sort of quote John Donne. We’re also designed to love God and thrive walking in step with Jesus, allowing him to care and protect us, lead us to good pasture, to life as it is meant to be, loving and being loved by the Saviour. I hope that that something of the increased community spirit and genuine care for others that has been more in evidence in these dark days will not disappear. And I hope that the increased interest in church websites, prayer, religious broadcasting and spiritual matters generally will stick – even if we might need to change our ideas about Church. Give thanks for the NHS, for carers, for everyone who is looking out for others and give thanks for Jesus, the Good Shepherd.
Praise The Lord’s my shepherd. CH4 16 Brother James Air
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Pray Heavenly Father, so often we like to be independent, to do our own thing, to call the shots,
and perhaps that’s one of the reasons many find the current restrictions so difficult. But when we are really in need we are so glad that others are there to help us – and deep down we’d like to think that we’d be there for them. We applaud the selfgiving efforts not only of NHS Staff but also for some many who are putting themselves about (and sometimes in harm’s way) to care for others. Help us to value them all and help us to be more appreciative of others’ care and kindness and be more open to play our part in showing care and compassion. Open our hearts and our prayers to those who are most in need. Bless the sick and vulnerable. Spur the efforts of all working to produce a vaccine, to find treatments and to supply PPE and tests to all who need it. Give wisdom to those who provide leadership and help us to find ways to support those who have lost their livelihoods. Bless our sisters and brothers in Christ, bless all in our community. This week in our regular prayer walk we pray for all those across the world with big responsibilities.
Hear and answer all our prayers, spoken and unspoken, through Jesus Christ your Son. Amen. Blessing May the Lord bless you. Amen.