Worship Sheet for Sunday 26 April –Road to Emmaus

Several congregations would usually have communion this week. Perhaps at some point today you might take a piece of bread and some wine or grape juice or even a cup of coffee and a biscuit and think quietly on Jesus’ love for us and of those you – and those you would normally be sharing communion with.

Call Lord God, as your Son spoke with the travellers on the road speak with us,
receive our uncertainty and our misgivings, receive our recognition and worship.
Mini Service 26th April https://youtu.be/Gi2cNELPBNk
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Pray Lord, journeys can be exciting and filled with adventure, sometimes tiring and daunting but they are so much better when we have good companions along the way. Travel restrictions limit our ability to get out, never mind travel but we look forward to a time when we will be free to roam and meet our friends and to journey once again. In the meantime accept our worship separated physically from one another, deepen our appreciation for our surroundings and the pleasure of short outings or just looking at the blossom; deepen our togetherness in the faith with one another and grant us that wonderful sense of being upheld in prayer and close to you our risen Lord. Surprise us with the joys of heavenly insight in the midst of dark days. Hear us as pray the Lord’s Prayer: Our Father …. Amen.

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Luke Chapter 24:13-35 A surprise on the road to Emmaus.
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Thought Two of Jesus’ followers journey homewards on Easter day, subdued, disheartened, devastated. Their high hopes for Jesus and for God’s kingdom dashed. A stranger catches up with them and casually joins them in their walk, conversing as you would. The topic – what had been the talk of the town – the rise and fall of the teacher Jesus, whom Cleopas and his companion clearly expected to bring in God’s reign. The stranger (Jesus – though they didn’t know it) questioned them, got them to share their faith and what was on their heart. Then as they reached home and he made to go further they invited him in and in the blessing and breaking of bread he revealed himself as their Lord. They were convinced and hotfooted it back to Jerusalem where they found that Jesus had also appeared to the disciples. Questioning and doubts are OK, provided they are genuine and we’re looking for the truth. We shouldn’t keep quiet until we have all the answers. Sharing time with one another, making a safe space for questions to be asked, to explore doubts and to be supported in a caring and accepting group is a huge privilege. Maybe we need to make more room for that going forward. And it maybe shouldn’t surprise us that sharing food as well as time builds relationships – Jesus can draw near to us – not just in communion but as we eat, drink, talk, pray and spend time together. Perhaps Jesus has some surprises in store for us!

Praise: Alleluia, Alleluia give thanks to the risen Lord Mission Praise 30; Songs God’s People 7
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Pray Heavenly Father, sometimes we’re slow on the update, slow to recognise you at work in our world, even on our own doorsteps. Where is God in all this covid-19? And yet for all our questions and the many imponderables we have seen so signs of blessing, a readiness in people’s willingness to show kindness to neighbour and for so many of faith and no faith to put their lives on the line in hospital, care home and community to help the sick and vulnerable; and an appreciation by the population as a whole for those providing essential services. Give us eyes of faith to see where you are at work and the heart to get behind it in our prayers if not in action. Sustain those who are weary or worried, guide those making big decisions, give us all patience and understanding, help us to give the benefit of the doubt to those with whom we might disagree and help us to work together to come through this crisis in a way that for all the hurdles might lead to a more caring, more understanding and more forgiving and inclusive society. And may we have eyes to recognise the risen Lord in our midst and the grace to respond to his call. Bless our sisters and brothers in Christ, help us to stand in solidarity with the wider community. our Church family esp those living alone. This week in our regular prayer walk we pray for the people who live in the street where we each live – our immediate neighbours.
Hear and answer all our prayers, spoken and unspoken, through Jesus Christ your Son. Amen.
Blessing May the Lord bless you. Amen.