Some thoughts for Good Friday 2021
No communion last night, no quiet reflective hymns by candlelight, we didn’t hear the familiar story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet, pointing to his own body being broken and blood shed. Today, we won’t be together for a Last Hour service but here are a few thoughts that might be shared, esp if you aren’t able to access the online mediations via the Church of Scotland website or Facebook pages, though there is access to a daily changing mediation on 0333 340 9200 if you don’t use the internet. (Calls charged at local rate).

Lord, sometimes we struggle to call Good Friday – Good. We know the wonders Jesus achieved, but the cross seems to cruel, the rejection harsh, his friends’ denial devastating. Maybe we need to give ourselves space to let that dawn on us – especially our share in it all. It’s been a devastating year and now we come to the low point in human history – when the world turned its back on God. Thank you that you didn’t turn your back on us. This Good Friday, with all its sorrow, real for all the love that underpins it – may we share, honestly, our mixed emotions, our muddle of faith and doubt – and allow Jesus to touch us – Jesus on the cross, Jesus still with us, today as always as he promised.

Loving God, we gather today remembering the ultimate compassion shown to us, giving thanks for Jesus’ life and death. Today, all these years on and in the midst of a world torn apart by covid and many injustices, we are immensely grateful for your ever present love.
Forgiving God, in spite of the many gifts you have given the world, we’ve let you down, humanity has let you down – far from sharing your gifts freely we have found countless ways of inflicting violence, greed, selfishness on our neighbours whom you call us to love. Draw near to us as we reflect on our sins, bring home to us the disconnections between your love and our lack and work in us to heal lives and communities which are broken – through the love and compassion that flows from the cross and stretches out across the globe and down through the ages – even to our day and to the places we live.
Gracious God, on this day of sorrow and hope, help us to respond aright to the horror of Calvary, the challenges which flow from it and by your Spirit’s power, to live in ways that are pleasing to you, consistent with Jesus’ love and care and to share in caring for your people and spreading your message of love in word and action.
Lord, as today we reflect on the day above all days when earth was touched by heaven’s love, never to be the same again, touch us, as individuals, as your people, as a world that we may be changed towards your love, never to be the same again. Amen.

Luke 23:26-43 Jesus is crucified.
Hymn CH4 392 When I survey the wondrous the cross

A child asks you why today is called “Good” when people put Jesus to death. How would you answer? And for yourself – what good has it done you? How might you live differently in the future in the light of “Good Friday”?
(from Spill the Beans 38) On this Friday, as we stand beneath the cross, gathered into your embrace, forgiven, loved, and guided, confident of your blessing, assure us that, no matter how dark it may be, your light will shine, today and every day. Amen.
In the dark times, amidst uncertainties and struggles you, Lord, are ever present – your love enfolds us; so go with us, stay with us today, through Easter Day and into the future you have for us. May the Lord bless us. Amen. IAMcL
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